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Faculty List


SASMIRA's Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai
Faculty List Only for Master of Management Studies programme ( 2017-18)
Sr Number Name PAN No. Qualification Area of Specialization Designation Date of Joining Ph.D Status
1 Dr.Tandon Kamal AEDPT8749N Ph.D, MBA,M.Com Marketing, Finance Director 07/06/2011 Awarded
2 Dr.Ritu Bhattacharya AGOPB5668H D.Sc,Ph.D, M.Phil,MBA,M.Com IB & Marketing Professor 01/01/2016 Awarded
3 Dr.Sanskruti Kadam AZPPK0793A Ph.D,MHRDM, M.Com (Management),UGC-NET (Management) HR Associate Professor 01/07/2015 Awarded
4 Dr. Jyoti Singhal BBCPS3196K Ph.D,MBA,M.Com, B.Sc. Finance Associate Professor 01/11/2018 Awarded
5 Dr. Niyat Shetty BOZPS6565L Ph.D., MBA, B.E. Marketing Associate Professor 06/08/2018 Awarded
6 Dr. Pashmeen Kaur Anand                              AVEPA6720C Ph.D, MMS, M.Com., B.M.S. Marketing Assistant Professor 16/08/2018 Awarded
7 Dr. Madhuri Sanap COCPS6927L Ph.D,MMS, BMS HR Assistant Professor 07/07/2012 Awarded
8 Prof.Rupali More AOMPM7837D Ph.D (Pursuing), MMS, B.Com Finance Assistant Professor 26/07/2010 Registered
9 Prof.Dinesh Sonkul CIWPS7012J Ph.D. (Pursuing), MMS, B.TEXT. Marketing Assistant Professor 18/07/2011 Registered
10 Prof.Nisha Tatkar AHNPT8600P Ph.D. (Pursuing), MBA,M.Com,UGC-NET(Commerce) Finance Assistant Professor 01/08/2013 Registered
11 Prof. Divya Alok ALCPT6354K Ph.D(Pursuing),M.B.A., B.E. IB Assistant Professor 01/12/2014 Registered
12 Prof.Sampurna Mehta  AJGPM8696P Ph.D(Pursuing),M.B.A, B.Sc. Marketing Assistant Professor 01/09/2016 Registered
13 Prof. Kiran Dinkar Paranjpe                         AACPP6679G B.Tech., M.Tech., PGDM Marketing Assistant Professor 18/12/2017  
14 Prof. Ravindra S. Waydande ABNPW9592K NET 2017, M. Lib , B. Lib General Management Librarian / Faculty 01/02/2011  
15 Prof. Pavan Savant AMHPS2616M MMS, PGDM, BE Operation Adjunct Faculty (From Industry) 01/11/2018  
16 Prof. Dhananjay Parchure ALAPP4926D MMS, B.E. Operation Adjunct Faculty (From Industry) 01/11/2018